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melin HYDRO hat splashing in the water

What makes a melin HYDRO hat so much better?

April 10, 2020

All we have to do is check the comments on our social media ads or check our DM's to know that the world wants to know, just what makes a melin hat so much better?
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melin introduces the

melin introduces the "Whatcha Up To" Series on YouTube and IGTV

April 09, 2020

Like most of you, we are serious sports fans over here and have been struggling with not having that next sporting event to look forward to on live TV these days......

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melin family mammoth chairlift

Meet the #melinFamily of Ambassadors

April 08, 2020

In building a brand, our favorite thing has always been about getting the choice of who you get to spend your time with and who you align with to help in spreading the brands messaging. It's also about how each of these individuals helps shape the brand and add to what we do, how to make it better and how to help give back and make a positive impact. We have been very blessed to have the ability to befriend so many great humans on this journey.  We aren't your typical lifestyle brand entirely consumed by one sport or activity. We enjoy many different interests and believe a brand is built with and defined by the people who choose to support it. In our case we are thankful that our mission allows for us to spread our wings and be authentic to all the different passions that make us happy. Being open minded and embracing diversity has allowed for so many unreal relationships and epic experiences we have shared along the way......
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melin Blog - Episode 1

melin Blog - Episode 1

April 07, 2020 4 Comments

Today marks the start of the official melin blog so please forgive the rambling length of this kick off post. There has been so much going on we felt the need to establish a few things before jumping right into it. We plan to cover a lot here; new product drops, ambassador updates, pose questions to the melin community, brainstorm ideas and overall have a place to get it all out....since this is a pretty stressful time. So let's give this a go shall we.........
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