melin's New Premium Dad Hat | Meet The Legend

Legends Wear Many Hats

When we set out to craft the world’s most premium dad hat, we wanted to name it accordingly. What other name is more interchangeable with ‘Dad’ than Legend? 


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We are surrounded by amazing people in our melin Fam. As our excitement grew with this hat, we wanted to connect with a few of those legends to get their take on what it feels like to accomplish what they have and how those legendary moments have transitioned once they moved into fatherhood.

Enter Ryan Sheckler, Michael Chandler, Alex Belew and Mark Healey. All legends, all dads.

Ryan Sheckler

Arguably one of the most recognizable faces in skateboarding, with the accolades and awards to back it up. He now has more people looking up to him, with a young daughter and one more on the way. Still out doing unthinkable things on a skateboard but his true love and dedication has pivoted to his growing family.

Michael Chandler

He may be known for his legendary battles in the octagon but outside of it… one of the nicest and most motivating humans you will ever cross paths with. A true family man who is at the top of the fighting game but most importantly, a winning father who’s dedicated to inspiring his kids to be the best they can.

Alex Belew

It’s easy to understand how someone like Alex could garner the attention of another legend like Gordan Ramsey sweeping through his competition cooking series, Hell’s Kitchen, coming out unscathed and victorious. He doesn’t just feed his family with his skills in the kitchen, he provides guidance, he nurtures and he puts his family above everything else. 

Mark Healey

Talk about someone on a whole other level. World-renowned big wave surfer, spear fisherman, free diver, bowhunter, skydiver, conservationist, yoga enthusiast and more… the list could go on and on. But at the end of the day, a dedicated father who finds his true happiness pushing a swing for the kids.


Shop the Legend Collection here.