melin x Traeger | Good Food. Good Mood.

Melin x Traeger 

Grilling Flavor and Fun


What happens when you blend Traegerhood and the Have More Fun mentality? 



Now that is something we can get behind. 

We’ve been huge fans and loyal customers of Traeger for years, so we’re beyond excited to team up with the disruptors of the grill industry to create something special - a limited-edition melin x Traeger Trenches HYDRO. 

The melin x Traeger Trenches HYDRO is a fusion of flavor and fashion like never before. Inspired by the great outdoors and the backyard barbecues, it’s built to live life flavor full. Featuring custom co-branded logo applications and Traegar’s one-of-a-kind Cow-Moo-Flage on the interior lining and on the cinch sack every hat comes with.

So how can you get cooking? That’s easy!