What makes a melin HYDRO hat so much better?

All we have to do is check the comments on our social media ads or check our DM's to know that the world wants to know, just what makes a melin hat so much better?

We get this question often and wanted to be sure you understood all of the RnD, the trials and errors and the testing that go in to the small tweaks and innovations in a melin HYDRO hat which add up to make a pretty badass, durable, comfortable and high performing piece of headwear if we do say so ourselves.... Check out the quick video below for the high level overview of the features as narrated by our very own Tom Liebert, our Sr. Innovation Designer

The standard ball cap has between 14 and 18 actual pieces and after review we decided that if possible we'd like to source nicer and higher quality pieces to reconstruct the entire ball cap from the ground up and that even meant ditching some of the old and even adding in a few new pieces of our own.

But don't take it from us, check out what our buddies over at the Inertia had to say about melin HYDRO.

We will be breaking down every material, feature and the intended benefit over the coming weeks so stay tuned. Happy Friday everyone! Stay safe out there!