Welcome to the melin Family Devon Kerr


Meet Devon Kerr, our newest addition to the melin Family. As one of North America's most promising goalkeepers, Devon is on track to take the sport of professional soccer by storm. She's equal parts grit and effortless style topped off with an absolute heart of gold and we can't wait to see what's in store for her 2021 and beyond. 

Why did you want to join the melin Family?

melin is about detail and taking the time to research, innovate, create and perfect.  I feel as a professional athlete these characteristics align and are in perfect harmony with the traits I hold dear and believe equate to success.  melin has created a product that is desirable to a diverse group of people and takes the time to ensure that their product is not just attractive but functional.  It is one thing to slap a label on something and call it yours, it’s another to engineer and customize a product down to the quality of the stitching, fabric selection and fit before you pride it as your creation.  I am proud to get behind melin’s superior product and collaborate with my new family.


What does a typical day in the life look like for you during the season?

 Wake up early and I take some time to read and write daily affirmations, blog, and gratitude journal.

Breakfast: very important 1st meal

Head to training

Train with my GK coach and team for a couple hours


Fitness training with my team and our strength and conditioning coach for a couple hours

Review film with my team and my coaches

Home at which point I usually take an ice bath and spend some of the day reviewing my film again.


Relax with roommates and or teammates, maybe baking or watching our favorite tv shows 

Before bed I read or color as it is very calming

Get organized for the next day and get to sleep fairly early


In the last three years what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

I think we are inundated with self help books and seminars on how to improve our lives and it is very easy to become very overwhelmed by all the great advice out there.  I have simplified it over the last few years by applying one rule. Every single thing I do daily whether it is to improve my wellness, physically or psychologically or my technical/tactical abilities in relation to my sport or my organization or in my relationships, etc, I strive to do 1% better than I did the day prior.  This simple rule is all encompassing and ensures that each day I am a better version of myself then yesterday.


What does the next 5 years look like to you?

I think the next 5 years are likely the most exciting years for me yet.  I am currently a goalkeeper in the best women’s soccer league in the world and so optimistic at all the opportunities and resources available to me. I am excited to keep developing and training towards garnering a starting role in this great league and hopefully drawing attention to myself as a potential National team player.

For now I am just super focused on being the best professional player possible and best teammate possible and doing everything I can to play a role in the Washington Spirit’s success!


You are an avid reader. What are your top 3 book recommendations?

I love to read.  It is probably one of my favorite pass times.

3 titles that’s hard…

  1. The Longevity Paradox- Steven R. Gundy
  2. Presence - Amy Cuddy
  3. Grit - Angela Duckworth
  4. The Subtle art of not giving a F&$@- Mark Manson 



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