melin x Seven MX x Malcolm Stewart

There’s more than one way to the top.  

That’s why we love a good hero’s journey.  Adversity, setbacks, success, struggle, and eventually, the hero accomplishes what they set out to do.  That’s the good stuff, and we continue to be fascinated and inspired by a good journey.  

What better way to introduce our friend, Seven MX team rider, and new member of the melin Fam, Malcolm Stewart.  


malcolm stewart

He’s been to the top of the MX mountain, tasted that championship success, endured every possible obstacle through injury and setback since, and is now on his way back to the top.  His story is the inspiration behind our newest motto, “Keep Your Head Up.”

Born into a racing family, his older brother is James ‘Bubba’ Stewart, Malcolm loves family, racing, and fishing.  Probably in that order, but it might be fishing at the top of the list.  You’d have to ask him.  

He grew up competitive, and if Bubba Stewart is your older brother, you better keep up.  And Malcolm did.  He won the East Coast Lites Championship in 2016, but when 2017 came, funding for his then team, ceased.  So he took his nearly million dollar championship purse, and put it right back into his own self-funded racing team for 2017.  


malcolm stewart

He had a good year, building momentum, until he suffered a broken femur in 2018.  Then, after recovering from the femur, a few years later, Malcolm tore up his leg again, which took him off the bike once more.  

Between those two devastating injuries, Malcolm has had two lengthy recovery periods.  Off the bike for over a year, with intensive rehab, and grueling physical therapy to gain back the strength to perform at the championship level he’s worked to expect of himself.  





But his perspective changed, for the better.

“You go from such a high intensity in your life and your career…. And all of a sudden, you can’t even bend down to tie your shoes, can’t walk, can’t even dream about throwing my leg over a motorcycle.  But that makes you appreciate life, outside of the bike, life in general.  It humbles you, and you love everything in it so much more.”

What a solid outlook.  That’s why he’s our friend!  He’s a motivating, humble, funny, and driven individual.  The kinda guy you want on your team, we’re so grateful that he is.  

He’s now back in the mix, racing for Rockstar Husqvarna, doing what he loves best.  We’re stoked for him, can’t wait to see him rip it up.

Malcolm is a melin guy through and through.  It’s the only hat he wears, so unless a motocross helmet is on his head, you’ll see a melin.  To the track, after racing, in between runs… and most of all, when he’s fishing.  

Go from a sport where speed is the determining factor, “How fast from A to B?”, then spend your free time doing what many consider to be one of the slowest sports or hobbies of all time.  Putting a pole in the water, on a peaceful lake, patiently waiting for a bite.  

That’s Malcolm’s speed. 


malcolm stewart