melin x IKONICK | The DECADE


This week officially marks a decade of melin…what a journey it has been. So much has changed in the past 10 years but we have stayed committed to one goal – creating the world’s most premium headwear to extend the life of your hats, the adventures you take them on, and ensure that you have more fun while doing so.

To celebrate, we wanted to shed light into the history of melin – the early days and some of the people that were instrumental in us achieving our mission. We sat down with Jeff Cole (@cole) and Mark Mastrandrea (@markbrazil) the co-Founders of IKONICK and original employees here 10 years ago. These two were influential in laying the foundation of what we built melin on, eventually leaving to begin their journey by founding IKONICK. Since their departure, they have created some of the world’s best and most recognizable motivational art rooted in inspiration and hustle. In that time, we have been huge fans following their journey, decorating the walls of our offices and homes with our favorite IKONICK pieces.

Now, 7 years after their departure, we have reconvened with our original CMO and Graphic Designer to create a very special and limited-edition DECADE Collection. Merging our history of luxury headwear, ultra-premium materials and construction, JJ’s love of gold and artwork created by Jeff Cole inspired by his own hard work and hustle over the past 10 years at both melin and IKONICK.

This Saturday, 12/2/23, we are beyond excited to release our DECADE Collection, a collaboration between melin and IKONICK.

Learn more about IKONICK: IKONICK.COM