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April 13, 2020 3 Comments

When we set out to design the DNA of a melin hat we were eager to address some common frustrations in our hats. One of these is that unavoidable smudgy under visor that seems to happen to every ball cap over time. It's all that taking it off, putting it back on that really takes it's toll. With each touch the oil from our grubby fingers and any possible dust, dirt, gunk etc that we may or may not know is on those fingers gets transferred to the under visor. As that residue builds up it creates discoloration and well, makes your under visor look "not so fresh".....

Sooooo the answer..
melin undervisor seal on blue a game hat grabbing the bill
You asked, "Why is that logo there?" Well as you may or may not know, we use premium materials even on the under visor. We want to help you keep those materials clean by giving your thumb a place to land.
melin under visor seal macro photo and icon with explanation to keep your visor clean
Make sure to check out the new A Game HYDRO in Navy from our latest color drop here below;
melin A Game navy ecom photo 45 degrees and upside down

3 Responses

patrick moynihan
patrick moynihan

May 14, 2020

Some months ago I contacted someone in your sales leadership group with the thought of introducing your premium products to premier golf clubs and organizations where their logo has tremendous equity. My thinking was the co-branding really had legs. A sales rep from NH did contact me on your behalf and we had a meaningful chat. I shared with him the method to bring this co-branding to life. Maybe he has taken the ball and is running with it, I do not know. He thanked me and said he would get back to me. Have not heard a word. Any how I recently purchased a black A- Game XL hat. I do like it. Lefty will look very good on Tour with it. Excellent PR choice. If your NH rep is succeeding with my game plan – terrific. If he is not maybe we should talk.
Only The Best ,


April 18, 2020

Hey Steve appreciate the support and hope you love it! We will be expanding the colorways on the “XL” collection for sure. Stay tuned and stay safe and healthy!

Steve Udelson
Steve Udelson

April 15, 2020

Just ordered the black hydro in XL
Any other colors coming available other than white ?

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