Skye Walker's Favorite Spots To Inspire Creativity

Our melin Family is a collection of stand-up guys, and we’re fortunate to call each of them friends. We’ve got athletes, fighters, adventurers, and creators from all walks of life, all with unique histories, that we have found inspiration in, to in turn share with you. 
Think of it like becoming friends with your heroes. We never thought that possible but 10+ years down the road, and this melin Family has become something we take immense pride in, and love bringing their stories to you. What drives them, what they hold near and dear, and what got them to where they are today.
This is Skye Walker. 
“There are so many unique and amazing places that I love to go to
become inspired, not only for my art but for my heart and soul.”
This weekend, we released Skye’s 2nd melin collab, the Odyssey Summit HYDRO – Peaks and Seas.  The design was 100% Skye; from the inner lining, to the front patch, to the mantra of “Be Free on Peaks and Seas.” 
It was Skye’s love letter to the wondrous California landscapes that he grew up in, and continues to reside in.  From which he draws his inspiration for the simply put, awesome murals he pours his heart and soul into. 
We’ve got Skye’s favorite parts of California, and our go-to’s for unforgettable experiences.  Where no matter how many times we revisit, we continue to #HaveMoreFun.
“I know I’m not the only person inspired by Calfornia’s natural wonders, and I wanted this new melin design to celebrate my home state in a meaningful way, reminding people to Be Free on Peaks and Seas.”


“For me, the Ocean is #1 on this list… surfing is just a wild and freeing
experience that inspires me. You’re riding a wave, moving though the ocean,
it’s unpredictable and euphoric…”
Skye grew up surfing up and down the coast.  As most of us know, it’s a hell of a place to catch your first wave, first barrel, first overhead, and even your first thrashing.  The stretch of ocean from the border, up through San Diego, and extending as far north as Seal Beach offers up some of the most sought-after surf on the planet.  Paddle out and you’ll find a who’s who of professional surfers, icons, up and comers, and the occasional celebrity trying their hand at a drop-in.


Some of melin and Skye’s favorite breaks, going from South to North:
Windansea Beach, La Jolla, San Diego – Just north of Downtown SD, at the end of Nautilus Street, you’ll find a slightly smaller, but equally steep and challenging break as that of Hawaii’s Sunset and Waimea Bay. 
San Onofre State Beach, Camp Pendleton – Between Oceanside and San Clemente, and adjacent to Camp Pendleton Marine Base, “San-O” has been an idyllic getaway for servicemen and women, and surfers from around the globe.  For nearly 70 years, you’ll find longboarders walking their sticks for what seems like miles.  She’s a beauty. 
Trestles, South San Clemente – Within walking distance from San Onofre, a stone-cold surfing landmark is tucked away about a 15 minute walk from the nearest paved road.  Home to surf contests, and pros staying warm between competitions, Trestles is a haven for those who make a living of it, and those who just can’t get enough.
Huntington Beach Pier, Huntington Beach – In all its Beach Boys glory, the HB Pier is home to the US Open of Surfing and for miles both North and South you’ll see surfers migrating towards the break.  It’s world-famous and for due reason.  Both history and competition meet here, don’t miss it. 




“The mountains come in at #2. I was born in the mountains and have lived
in and out of them my whole life.  The trees, birds, bears, rain, snow, seasons, and fresh air everywhere you turn is a new experience with endless moments of untamed inspiration. Then you shoot down the mountain and it’s a next level experience. An incredible powder day can change your life and make you feel amazing for weeks. The mountains stir my soul and get me fired up to start creating new art to translate my feelings into an image that other people can relate to.”
Whether you hike up ‘em, speed down ‘em, or like John Muir himself, you answer their call and go, California is dotted up and down with the peaks and ranges they make calendars about.  No really, they’re beautiful. 
If you want to experience what drives Skye and see if those same peaks can’t get your creative juices going, then check out San Gorgonio and Big Bear, where Skye grew up and keeps a home now. 
For a few others, you can’t miss Half Dome and Sentinel Dome in Yosemite, Cowles Mountain in San Diego, Muir’s famous and the highest point in the contiguous U.S., Mount Whitney, and San Vicente and Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles.
Our personal favorite, and California’s crown jewel of all things mountain year-round, Mammoth Mountain.  She’s got it all. 


“#3, The Desert. The colors of the desert at sunrise and sunset are just mesmerizing- but even in the middle of the day, the bleached-out sands and distances create an otherworldly beauty. Cacti have become one of my favorite plants and I love the giant cardón cacti of Baja.  I want to build a little house next to one and just paint them forever. The deserts of Baja with the ocean right next to them create a trippy and amazing juxtaposition of space and time that I’m enamored with.”
Our guy said it best.  California’s deserts are vast, slightly treacherous, and possess a stark beauty you must see to believe.  There’s Joshua Tree National Park, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Death Valley, Palm Desert, and Mojave National Preserve just to name very few. 
It’s the desert, people.  Means you gotta be equipped for extreme weather, and some serious heat.  However, these landscapes have inspired an innumerable amount of bands, (The Eagles, Queens of the Stone Age, Bob Seger, and many many more…), travelers, and artists for years.  Plan a trip, get out there, and open your mind to a different kind of beauty. 


There you have it.  Just a snapshot of some of California’s astounding landscapes brought to you by our larger-than-life muralist, Skye Walker.  We’re stoked to have him, and can’t wait to see how you #HaveMoreFun in California’s Peaks and Seas.