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melin Family member Ryan Munsey is the best-selling author of F*ck Your Feelings and he’s a performance coach for Olympic and professional athletes, Special Forces Operators, and CEO’s around the world. 

We asked him for some Monday Motivation and here’s what we got back:

Motivation Is For Losers

I know what you’re expecting…

Some cliche "rah-rah"/Monday Motivation BS…

Not from me.

You ready for it?

F*ck motivation.

Motivation is for losers. 

Yep, I said it.

Winners know…

The things we want most in life…

Those big, hairy, audacious goals…

Require a lot of work, sacrifice and long timelines…

Timelines that require us to continue to put in the work…

LONG after the honeymoon phase wears off.

LONG after the thrill, the excitement, and the motivation are gone..

Motivation may get us started…

But we need something else to get to the finish line.

That period after the motivation wears off is when the losers quit.

This is the part of the journey what separates the real ones from the wannabes.

I get it…

It’s human nature to want to see results.

To receive validation…that our efforts might bear fruit(s)…

If you find yourself falling into this trap,

Reflect on the most quoted passage from the Bhagavad Gita:

“We are entitled to our labors only, 

Not necessarily the fruits of those labors”

Or consider the Greek story of Sisyphus… 

Who is sentenced to push a boulder up a hill for eternity.

Every time he nears the summit…

The boulder rolls back down to the bottom…

And he must resume his climb.

But Sisyphus is not in hell…

Because he realizes the work is the destination.

He takes pride in, even enjoys the effort - his purpose.

It gives his life meaning…

So, if you find yourself searching for motivation… 

In order to do what you know you should do…

Do as the title of the book suggests, F*ck Your Feelings

Do what is necessary.

Regardless of how you feel.

Whatever it takes.

Keep Showing Up.

Keep. Moving. The. Chains. 

For yourself.

For your team.

For your spouse. Your kids. Your friends.

Can they count on you?

(Not if you’re subject to the whims and fleeting, transient emotional states that drive the choices of losers…)

Be the person they can count on - regardless of how you feel.

I’m lucky enough to know the founders and some of the squad at melin.

I know how they live their lives and that they aspire to these ideals as well.

I know the caliber of person they are.

I know their values and what they stand for.

So when I put on my melin hat…

It's a reminder to be that high caliber human.

To never settle.

To get after it. 

And to be that man that my friends and family can count on - no matter what.



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