Memorial Day Giveback: melin x Warrior Built

Memorial Day is here!  With it comes a whirlwind of emotions.  Loss, remembrance, gratefulness, and unbridled appreciation, to name a few. 


At melin, we have three principles for Memorial Day Weekend:

-Recognition and Remembrance

-Gathering with Family and Friends

-Giving Back


The most important sentiment, we recognize the ultimate sacrifice.  Reverence guides us through the weekend, so no matter what kind of plans we've got, who we’re seeing, what we’re doing, we do it in remembrance.   And always, we give back to those affected, and help in any way we can. 


We included some Memorial Day History, how we’re spending the weekend, and are announcing our Warrior Built giveback, all to commemorate Memorial Day, and pay tribute to the ultimate sacrifice, the melin way.   


Recognition & Remembrance

Originally, Memorial Day was ‘Decoration Day.’  A day dedicated to decorating the headstones and graves of those who lost their lives on the battlefield.  What began as a post-Civil War tradition, has become a federal holiday, and an unofficial way to kick off summer. 


One way or another, we all know someone who has served in the Armed Forces.  Whether it be a relative, friend, neighbor, coworker, or the like, we’ve got endless respect for them and recognize what they gave to serve and protect our freedoms. 


What Memorial Day signifies, is those who paid the ultimate price on the battlefield.  Those that are no longer with us, those to whom we owe everything.  We don’t get to have the good fortune of living the lives we do, free to continue our daily pursuits of happiness, without the price they paid. 


Celebrating Reverently

We’ve got good times planned for the weekend, and we hope you do too! There are barbecues, ball games, beach days, pool parties, road trips, staycations, and endless more possibilities to ring in summer while honoring those who are gone. 


The idea is this, enjoying our freedoms, celebrating our friends and family, and doing so with that same reverent mindset. 

So, while you’re popping open coolers, firing up the girl, and lathering up the SPF, you and yours can take a moment, and reverently appreciate those who gave it all. 


Giveback to Warrior Built

Steadfast supporters of the Armed Forces, and friends & family of veterans and current servicemen and women, melin is launching a Memorial Day giveback featuring our Camo Collection to benefit ‘The Warrior Built Foundation.’ 


A portion of the proceeds from each Camo hat purchased from May 24 to Memorial Day, May 29, 2023 will go to Warrior Built to help strengthen their project, and ensure that they can reach more veterans. 



Their Mission:


“To honor the service and sacrifice of combat veterans and wounded service members who served out country by providing vocational and recreational opportunities. To alleviate their trauma and walls and foster an environment of healing,”


They do this through a combination of vocational and recreational therapy, including campouts, off-roading, mechanical education, motorcycle weekends, and general camaraderie, fellowship, and fashioning new support systems. 


We’re so grateful to be able to contribute to their mission and encourage you to check them out if you’re called towards what they do and the service they payback for veterans. 



There’s no way to adequately express our gratitude to those we salute on Memorial Day and even less words to describe their ultimate sacrifice.  As we get together for the long weekend, we will keep them at the forefront of our minds, while also enjoying the company of our loved ones, family, and friends.  To fully embrace our freedoms and our families, and to always remember those to whom we owe it all to. 


melin x Memorial Day

melin x Warrior Built