melin x Seven MX Collab

Parallels in Vision

We’re beyond excited to announce a huge new collaboration - the first of its kind - with leading motocross brand Seven MX!

If you don’t know Seven MX, they’ve spent the last decade changing the way the moto world views performance gear. Gone are the days of wearing generic compression gear that was ill-suited for the job it was asked to perform. 

Seven MX…

We didn’t just read about this on some press report. We had a front row seat to watch them do it! 

It just so happens that one of our founders, Brian McDonnell went to high school with Seven MX founder Dennis Bloch - and they’ve been buddies ever since, sharing the same values and same vision.

Their personal and professional ethos couldn’t be more aligned - a commitment to premium quality and performance that delivers specialized and elevated gear to the athletes they support and call friends.





Enter Malcolm Stewart…

Brian and Dennis each appreciated the brand the other was building, and they often talked about finding ways to partner that made sense.

So when we wanted to add superstar rider Malcolm Stewart to the melin Family, the path to an official partnership became clear.

Not only is Malcolm a successful rider who represents Seven MX on the track, he’s also the younger brother of James Stewart, the founder of Seven MX. We’re stoked to welcome Malcolm to the melin Fam and we can’t wait to share more of his story - and his signature hat - with you in the near future.

The melin x Seven MX Collab

This one of a kind collaboration has produced never before seen head-to-toe gear fit for the adrenaline chasing adventure junkie in all of us.

Premium quality and performance that you expect along with the trendsetting innovation and aesthetics that each brand is known for, including Gel Print logos for truly unique and limited patches on your melin. And of course, classic melin HYDRO DNA means unparalleled style and durability - built to take a beating at the track, get rinsed off, and be ready for the winner’s circle.


We didn’t stop there! The melin x Seven MXcollab also includes the performance gear you need for the track.

Premium quality Seven MX gear spruced up with our proprietary moisture-wicking materials and laser cut perforations to enhance performance. And the gloves feature our signature undervisor tab on the thumb touch-point as well as a reminder to Have More Fun on your throttle finger… Let it Rip!

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