melin x Covenant: Built on Resilience

The HYDRO Odyssey Covenant was built in collaboration with Nick Cavuoto, a parent of children at The Covenant School, and melin Fam, Michael Chandler, who lives within close proximity to the school. Below is a message directly from Nick Cavuoto on the impact of The Covenant Fund, where 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these hats is donated to. 

Message to Potential Contributors and Supporters

To those considering lending their support to this vital initiative or aiding the survivors and their families: Our message is one of resilience — the innate strength to surmount adversity. We understand that suffering is a universal experience, yet it is the manner in which we confront and navigate through these challenges that defines us. Our initiative is built on the pillars of resilience, hope, and collective advancement. We encourage each contributor to see their involvement as a symbol of solidarity and a beacon of hope. Like a superhero donning a cape, every contribution is a powerful statement of determination to make a difference, to offer a hand in support, and to foster a culture of empathy and resilience. Together, we move forward, united by a common goal to heal, uplift, and inspire.

Allocation of Funds

The funds are channeled directly to the heart of where they are most needed. They support an array of needs for the affected children and families, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their journey towards recovery. As a parent deeply integrated into this community, I've witnessed first-hand how these contributions have facilitated crucial support mechanisms, from therapy to various healing modalities, without burdening the families with the cost.

In summary, the initiative's goal is to help ensure The Covent School (and its community) receive the necessary support to foster resilience and hope, underlining our commitment to not just recovery, but to the thriving of our community impacted by this tragedy.

Contribution to Healing and Recovery

This initiative is more than a fundraising effort, it is a movement towards communal healing and the restoration of hope. Whether through direct involvement or by symbolizing support through wearing our hat, we want everyone to feel empowered to contribute to a collective resurgence, grounded in strength and hope.

Why melin?

This partnership was founded on shared values. melin hats, known for their excellence, represent a universal symbol that everyone can proudly wear and identify with. This choice mirrors our commitment to high standards, reflecting the quality of education and culture we cherish at the Covenant School. Moreover, melin's wide-ranging appeal ensures that every supporter, regardless of age, can find a way to express their solidarity and resilience. This partnership is not just about creating a product, it's about forging a symbol of unity and shared resolve to overcome adversity.

Special Shoutout to Michael Chandler & Houston Phillips for Helping Make This Happen!

-Nick Cavuoto / Parent of Children at The Covenant School

To learn more or donate directly to The Covenant Fund, click here.