melin introduces the 'Whatcha Up To' Series on YouTube and IGTV

Like most of you, we are serious sports fans over here and have been struggling with not having that next sporting event to look forward to on live TV these days.

It's kind of our "happy place" to go to mentally to check out of our own realities or stresses and root on our favorite team or athlete in that game, that race, that match or tournament. Missing the happy times spent rooting on our crew in these live sports events led us to seeking out anything fun to watch live, and found that the only thing being blasted on every live station, aka "the news" seems to be about COVID-19 and how there are more cases and more deaths.

So, we decided to create a motivating, funny, inspiring and happy place for you to spend some time consuming online media on the new melin YouTube channel To kick off the "Whatcha Up To" series, there is no one in our crew that makes more smiles happen than the legend himself Daniel Ricciardo.

On this episode of Whatcha Up To?, melin's Co-Founder and President Brian McDonell sat down with melin Family and Formula 1 Driver, Daniel Ricciardo to see what he's been up to during his time of social distancing. Check it below;

Check out some of Daniel’s favorites:

Books - It’s Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong, Goosebumps by R. L. Stine

Movies - Dumb and Dumber, Friday Night Lights, The Other Guys

TV Shows - One Tree Hill, Stranger Things, Tiger King

Video Game - Racing Games

YouTube - Red Bull Moto Spy

Podcasts - Joe Rogan Experience with @joerogan and Below the Belt with @brendanschaub , MMA Show with @arielhelwani

Learning new skills - Riding bikes, singing, rapping

Make sure to hit the melin YouTube channel and subscribe with notifications on. This is going to be our spot to share the stories of our adventures, for fun behind the scenes stories, product testing and features content as well as great episodes of the time we spend with the melin family off the clock. 

Hope you enjoy! Lets get through this and come out the other side stronger!