melin Family Summer Camp 2023

We’re still not off our Camper’s High! 


melin just wrapped up Summer Camp 2023 at Lake Nacimiento and we’re filling you in on the stories, the content, the vibes, and the adventure.  3 days of melin, mashed up into some lakeside greatness…





Located no more than 4½ hours north of Los Angeles, Lake Nacimiento is an 18-mile long lake in northern San Luis Obispo, CA.  An hour inland, and a quick ride from downtown Paso Robles, “Dragon Lake” is an A-1 spot for every lake activity.  Wakeboarding, paddleboarding, kayaking, tubing, cruising, fishing, or just chillin’, Lake Nacimiento is a primed lake getaway. 



Lake Nacimiento couldn’t be more centrally located within California. It’s a 4-hour drive from LA & San Francisco, and whether you drive from the north or the south, the scenery makes the trip go by quick.  Once you hit wine country, you’ve arrived.  Yeah… a bitchin’ lake in the middle of Central California’s wine country.  Telling you, this place is sick. 


We recommend stopping in downtown SLO (San Luis Obispo) for a bite to eat before getting settled lakeside.  Hangry is no way to start a vacation. 



Cabins at Lakefront at Land’s End

The good folks from Lakefront at Land’s End got our entire crew dialed in for lodging.  They’ve got 6 cabins on the peninsula, or you can rent the entire peninsula to stay in 6 cabins, sleep 50, and form your own chilled-out little compound right on the lake.  Whether you have 2 people, 25, or 50, we highly recommend checking out Land’s End. 


On the Water w/ Malibu Boats

Now for the good stuff.  Getting on the water. 


Whether you’re wakeboarding, wakesurfing, jet-skiing, tubing, waterskiing, or just cruisin’ & vibin’, have all the fun you want, but share the lake, be respectful, stay safe.  Don’t be that guy, pal. 


For us, it was all things wake, cruising, vibing, and letting HYDRO lead the way.  The Narrows are a solid landmark to check out at the furthest point from the marina.  Picturesque landscapes, and some winding waterways make it a can’t miss for Lake Naci.


Chuck Patterson in the Trenches Icon Maroon


As far as the rest of the Lake, 18 miles long means plenty of space to stretch out, carve, lounge, and most importantly relax.  We recommend finding your own personal favorite pockets around here.  Can’t really go wrong on a lake with your people, so use your imagination and get after it. 


And when it comes to watercraft, nothing beats a Malibu. Malibu Boats are at the top of their game and the top of the boating food chain, for good reason. 



Cows.  Cows?  At a lake? Yeah man, cows pull up just like us to get a piece of the lake action.  They quench their thirst, do their thing, and go on their way, but here’s your friendly heads up to keep a lookout on the shore. 


Savage Aviation

Some of us drove, and some of us took to the skies.




Savage Aviation are an LA-based charter aviation company who are professionals in every sense.  Safe, punctual and know how to have you feeling like a celebrity touching down in your destination of choice. 


They had us going to and from in helicopters and planes and their custom planes are sick as hell.  We’re happy to have partnered with them and you gotta check them out to plan some unforgettable air travel. 


Halter Ranch/Alex Belew

Remember when we said wine country?  Paso Robles, 15 minutes from Lake Naci, is a California wine destination and Halter Ranch is the focal point of that attention.  They’re a world-renowned winemaker and the perfect way to toast a great day on the lake.  We had a special winemaker dinner for our crew which you can do on-site along with tasting tours, a restaurant, or just a stroll amongst the vineyards. 


Our grill guy and master chef, Alex Belew came along too, and he was working magic on the grill.  Between the grapes and the grill, we were effectively wined and dined. 


Chef Alex Belew in his Americana A-Game HYDRO


Disclaimer: Do you need amazing wine and a master chef on the grill to make for a perfect lake trip? NO.  But it doesn’t hurt. 


So, When You Heading Out?

There you have it.  Some unforgettable adventures at a pretty accessible lake in Central California.  Whether you’re going our route, your local lake, or just cruising in a pontoon, time on the water is time well spent.  Summer is all about kicking back your way, so we look forward to seeing you do the lake your way, with a melin HYDRO leading the way. 


melin Summer Camp 2023