The melin 165-Point Inspection

We like to think we’re of the age where we value quality over quantity. Not to say we’re old, but we’ve been around the block enough to value buying one solid pair of jeans to last a few years, instead of the cheaper pair that doesn’t make it past 3 months. We’re getting better seats at ballgames, stacking points to stay at THAT hotel, instead of the other one, we got into cooking, hell, we even use SPF moisturizer to start the day. 


Truth is, we’ve been seeking out quality in every aspect of our lives. Longevity and value in our experiences and our lifestyle.


As for the hats we wear, we take those pretty seriously. We won’t release a hat we wouldn’t wear ourselves or gift to a friend. To make sure each hat is given the care it, and you deserve, we use a 165-point inspection, and each hat must score 165/165. Anything less, and it’s back to the drawing board. This ensures that your melin will keep its shape, color, stitching, and buoyancy, along with moisture-wicking and UV repellent properties. 


We’re constantly trying to set the bar, and the only way to do that is critiquing ourselves in the name of innovation and improvement. While we would agree a healthy lifestyle is everything in moderation, we do have one obsession;
Setting out to create the most premium headwear in the world. And our commitment to being and bringing you the best. 


Odyssey Stacked HYDRO in White


Won’t bore you with all 165 points, so here are the 5 major areas we focus on:


Materials, The Foundation

Before we do anything, we source our materials and check the integrity of each.  Fabrics, trims, threads, branding, embellishments, EVERYTHING that will go into each hat is put through meticulous quality control. Kinda like a chef, before we do anything, we set the mise


Cutting and Tailoring

As we start the crafting process, cutting the initial sections, parts of each hat, we ensure that each piece is perfect for the intended design, style, and silhouette.  Even more important, no annoying miscuts, frays, or misaligned graphics/prints.  Nothing worse than breaking out your newest gear, and there’s a fray, a run, or it’s not quite right. We make sure that doesn’t happen.



Another reason our hats have the most longevity and retain their shape the longest, is the stitching. The clean silhouette you’ve come to expect from us is a result of this tedious process. Performance headwear calls for minimal stitching, so we do the most, with the least. Securing each hat for rigorous activity but keeping the streamlined silhouette intact. 



The last bit of craftsmanship, putting it all together. Assembling the silhouette, style, & colorway so they fit the sizing, curve, logo placement, & embellishment requirements. We’re thoroughly going down our list to guarantee that each hat isn’t just close enough, it’s perfect. 


Final Inspection

We hold ourselves to a high standard for one reason, you. After 10 years of building a fanbase, we remain driven by assuming each hat is going to a first time melin owner. It’s their first impression of us, and it’s gotta be perfect. So the last step of the 165-Point Inspection is preparing each hat like we’re hand delivering it to someone whose never worn a melin before.