Meet the #melinFamily of Ambassadors

In building a brand, our favorite thing has always been about getting the choice of who you get to spend your time with and who you align with to help in spreading the brands messaging. It's also about how each of these individuals helps shape the brand and add to what we do, how to make it better and how to help give back and make a positive impact. We have been very blessed to have the ability to befriend so many great humans on this journey.  We aren't your typical lifestyle brand entirely consumed by one sport or activity. We enjoy many different interests and believe a brand is built with and defined by the people who choose to support it. In our case we are thankful that our mission allows for us to spread our wings and be authentic to all the different passions that make us happy. Being open minded and embracing diversity has allowed for so many unreal relationships and epic experiences we have shared along the way. Just last summer the crew hit Mammoth for a snowboard photo shoot with our legendary snowboarder /Olympian ambassador Louie Vito

Louie Vito on Tusks patio Mammoth

To kick it off we all ended up playing a round of gold at dusk up at Sierra Star Golf Course and Louie's girlfriend Hailey Ostrom schooled us!

We aren't a specific sport type of brand, we are a specific people type of brand, (Great people) :)  The #melinFamily has become some of our best friends and we thought it would be rad to introduce you to the squad so to speak. We have always admired peak performers and been drawn to people whom consistently strive to improve, grow and pay it forward. As the crew continues to grow you will see some common threads in their competitive nature, humor and desire to have a good time, as well as the philanthropic endeavors each member supports. For purpose of simplicity here is a high level of the melin Family and their various areas of expertise. 

Ryan Sheckler shirtless Walt Redbull hat with Backpack

Ryan Sheckler - Skateboarder


Shane Bonifay

Shane Bonifay - Wakeboarder


Daniel Ricciardo sleevless tee pointing at camera smiling endurance melin hat

Daniel Ricciardo - Formula 1 Driver


Phil Mickelson melin A-Game hat

Phil Mickelson - Golfer


Louie Vito big smile in Journey beanie orange hoodie

Louie Vito - Snowboarder


John Hunter Nemechek 

John Hunter Nemechek - NASCAR Driver


Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols - Exercise Physiologist and 11 year Navy SEAL Veteran


Aaron Parker

Aaron Parker - Formula Drift / Stunt Driver / Rotary Race Mechanic


Steel Lafferty

Steel Lafferty - Wakeboarder

* PS check Steel walking on water with his #JesusChallenge he posted today!


Chuck Patterson

Chuck Patterson - Waterman and Extreme Skier

This group makes up the foundation of bad ass humans that continually put our hats to the test, give us the performance and style feedback and help spread the good word. To get to know the crew better you can tune in to the "Whatcha Up to" series on the melin Instagram TV  or on our  YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe !

There are so many more amazing friends and ambassadors in the melin family we will be sharing updates on as time goes on.

We are always looking for ways to connect with inspiring new ambassadors so please be sure to apply at this link if you would like to be considered. Thanks so much!