Meet melin's First Female Ambassador Alexa Score

It’s hard to find someone more inspiring than Alexa Score. As a professional wakeboarder, TV Host, cancer survivor, and philanthropist, Alexa has a passion for getting the most out of life. As someone who continues to battle cancer while still managing a successful TV career and life on the water, her story can be a positive influence to us all. We are excited and honored to welcome Alexa Score to the melin Family. 

What does a typical day in the life look like for you right now?

Every day is a wild new adventure - I could be going into The CW studio in Minneapolis shooting promos, offloading on a mountain, in a desert, or up a rocky cliff anywhere in the world filming for Destination Polaris, welding or running a CNC machine learning how something is made while filming for Made for the Outdoors, speaking at a charity event, or sitting in front of my computer all day writing script and/or endless emails. BUT ideally my day always includes some form of physical activity and doing a crossword puzzle.

You've overcome a lot in your life, tell us about that journey and your perspective on life today. 

Shortly after being diagnosed with Leukemia (cancer of the blood) at age 16, I got extremely sick and some nights, wasn’t sure I was going to wake up the next day. Facing death at any age, not to mention 16, definitely gives you perspective. After I regained my strength and was able to get back to some sort of “normal”, I moved to Orlando to wakeboard and never really looked back. Now, 14  years later, I’m still living with cancer and take an oral chemotherapy every day. Cancer never really gives you a “day off”, so dealing with the shitty side effects that come with my disease and the medication each day keeps me humble and grounded for sure. Throughout my entire journey, the prognosis for my life span has been relatively uncertain, and that uncertainty has always pushed me. It’s not an excuse to “do whatever I want”, but a REASON to work harder, do things I love, enjoy the people around me, and live meaningfully every moment of every day. 

What is a piece of advice you'd give to your 16 year old self?

Care less about what everyone else is doing. Just because your approach to life or wakeboarding is different, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Your uniqueness is what sets you apart. 

Do you have any quotes you live by?

“Be excellent to each other.” - William "Bill" S. Preston, Esquire, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” 

What does the next 5 years look like for you?

GREAT question, haha. While long term goals are great, given my situation, I really focus on the short term. Trying to make the best decisions I can every day, no matter how big or small, has lead me (for the most part) to some amazing places I didn’t even know I wanted to go or know were possible. Right now, I’m focused on making quality television, pushing myself to become a better host & script writer, working hard to benefit the causes that I’m passionate about (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, BeTheMatch, Firefighters for Healing, etc.), and enjoying the people I get to spend time with along the way. One things for sure: wherever I am in 5 years - hosting a prime time awards show or cleaning toilets somewhere - you better believe I will be having FUN!! 

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