Fire Family Foundation Giveback

What a Firefighter Means to Us

Ever since we were kids, the sight of a firetruck rumbling down the road, lights and sirens rolling, has garnered excitement.  And now as adults, a firetruck represents a beacon of hope, perseverance, and courage, helping those in their most desperate time.

A call rings out, and without hesitation they’re off into the night, the day, the rain, the heat… wherever they are called, to help a stranger in need.  

As kids, they were superheroes, and as we’ve grown up, we’ve realized the men and women in those trucks are real life heroes.  

Now, 22 years after that fateful Tuesday morning on September 11th, we never forget the ultimate sacrifice made by so many, to courageously run towards the danger, and help those in need.  

To commemorate their bravery, and pay tribute to such selfless sacrifice, we are partnering with the Fire Family Foundation and donating $10 from every Americana Collection hat sold during the week of 9/11-9/17.

The Fire Family Foundation

The Fire Family Foundation was founded in 2008, to directly assist the financial needs of fire families.  100% of their donations go towards the cause which includes the families of lost or injured firefighters, along with those fire families that have fallen on hard times.  

What began in the aftermath of 9/11, as LAFD firefighters collecting donations within their stations, has now become the nation’s leading charitable partner supporting the fire family across the country.  These original donations to the LAFD became the Firefighters First 9/11 Fund, and that outpouring has grown into the Fire Family Foundation.  

How Do They Make an Impact?

When an unexpected medical emergency or hardship arises, the Fire Family Foundation is there to help with bills and cost of living to help the families bounce back.  They grant scholarships to help the children of fire families chase their dreams through higher education.  And when any other financial emergency shows up, they are there to help along with donating to other fire charities who are doing the greater good when the families of these heroes need a hand.  

Doing Our Part

We remain in awe of the courage, selflessness, and greater calling that drives firefighters to do what they do every single day.  This is our way of showing gratitude, and while 9/11 is an infamous day of grief and loss, we are following the Fire Family Foundation’s lead and channeling the sorrow into positive remembrance, by doing our part and donating to their cause that helps the heroes know when they need a hand, they too are not alone.  


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