A Day with Dylan Efron

What is it about heading back to your hometown that just feels so right?  For our guy Dylan Efron, home is San Luis Obispo (SLO), and no matter where he’s been on the globe, or where he’s headed, for him, there’s nothing quite like home. Lucky for us, he was willing to share some of his favorite spots when we headed up to spend the day with him. 





San Luis Obispo is a picturesque town in central California, with Spanish influence and architecture from being settled as a California Mission town way back when.  Wander through the streets, farmer’s markets, shops, and restaurants, and you’ll see all the culture and diversity.  It’s a blast.


Equally diverse, the landscape and terrain around SLO are incredible.  Beautiful beaches, foothills, mountains, horizon… SLO is like a postcard, and for someone who lives for adventure, a perfect place to grow up. 



Always stoked to start our day on dawn patrol with Dylan. We met him at the world famous Morro Rock, his home break. Mixing in early morning surf sessions are a big deal to Dylan and even when he doesn’t have his board, if there’s one close by, you can bet he’s on it and greeting the day by paddling out.  

Morro is a consistent break, and even on the smaller days getting in the water is well worth it.  Best time of the year here is January, but here in early Fall, with nonstop mellow lefts, we had a blast.  


Dylan in his van in Morro Bay




The only thing that could drag us out of the water, hunger. Dylan chose a brunch spot for us with good eats, some coffee, people watching, the works. Cool thing about Dylan, he’s got stories for days.

Brunch in downtown SLO is heavenly.  Chilaquiles, benedicts, omelets, french toast, breakfast burritos… whatever you’re feeling, you’ll find it here.  And it’s all damn good.  

Same story with the coffee.  Cold brew, lattes, cortados, french press, pourover, or just a cup of drip.  Coffee shops and bakeries on every corner and they all have character.  Dylan’s a purist and goes out of his way to find the most sustainable and ethical beans available.


Dylan walking in the street




After brunch and wandering around downtown, we headed out and up, to West Cuesta Ridge, for a little hiking and to set up camp. The view up there is out of this world. Perched above the foothills, and with panoramic views of the coast and valleys below, it’s a perfect spot to pitch a tent, and spend time with your people or heck, just get some alone time. There’s no real wrong way to camp. 

Dylan brought his dog, Booey, along for every part of the trip. Perfect campsite, good people, and a good dog, that’s tough to beat. We spent the afternoon/evening talking about past trips, grilling up dinner, and getting the scoop on where he’s headed next. If we didn’t already have the travel bug, Dylan sure helped inspire us to go on an adventure. 


Dylan camping 



We love a new season, and the change in routine, weather, and things to do. Greeting that new season with a trip, any trip, any place, for any amount of time is always worth it. Dylan’s hometown makes for a perfect getaway if you’re on the West coast, but there’s no limit or right way to get out and go somewhere. There is one wrong way though, and that’s not going anywhere at all.  


melin x Dylan Efron