Behind The Design: Lumberjack Thermal

Lumberjack THERMAL: Historic Function, Guaranteed Warmth

We keep function at the forefront of all our designs, especially the THERMAL ones. In the cold, warmth is our first priority. That’s why we brought back the classic “Trapper Hat” and outfitted it with our THERMAL tech. Our Lumberjack features the iconic Buffalo Check pattern in Melange Wool, Sherpa lining, Nappa leather strapback, and adjustable ear flaps with a wire lining to stay in place. All of this time, research, and evolution in the hopes the second you put the Lumberjack THERMAL on, it brings you comfort and smiles.



Lumberjack THERMAL was engineered with Climate Adapt technology on the crown panels designed to resist snow melt (water) to prevent absorption. As the body heats up, the fibers of the crown expand to allow your body heat to escape.

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