Adventure Better in NYC with Kenny Santucci

Adventure NYC: Train Like A Local

We love New York City. We love the pace, the energy–and all that the city offers. It’s really like nowhere else in the world to experience. So when we had questions about the best way to see the city while getting our steps in, we tapped our guy on the street—Founder of Strength Club NYC the high-performance gym in Midtown, Kenny Santucci.


Kenny is more than happy to share how he adventures better here in NYC. His secret? He never takes a subway anywhere. “If I'm going to the outer boroughs or anywhere in the city. I hop on the Citibike. For me it is one of the beauties that came out of the pandemic,” says the native from New Jersey. “I got used to riding the bike in the city and now I can't live without it. You get to get movement in and see the city in a different way.” 

Best Spots For Runners

West Side Highway is my favorite place to run in the city. It's a straight shot, the views are incredible—you're right on the water. If you're looking for a more hilly run, head to Central Park. More great views—you get to be in nature while being in the city and there's always people around. It's really the best of both worlds.

Best Place To Get A Workout Outside

A great place to get a workout outside (besides running my favorite routes) is the East River Track down on the East River. There is a track, plus turf and bleachers you can run up. I'm a huge fan of walking lunges—400m walking lunges into a jog around the track into 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups. Repeat 2x.

Best Advice For Training While Staying At A NYC Hotel

Walk everywhere! The beauty of New York City is you can go everywhere by walking. Walk as much as you can and get your steps in if you don't have access to a gym. 

One Day In NYC

I would stay in Soho, jog through Times Square to Central Park. You can see the whole city!

Local Knowledge is key to getting the best out of any adventure. If you’re planning a trip to NYC, follow Kenny on Instagram at @Kennysantucci and @Strongnewyork